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Behind The Scenes

   After almost four years of commercial traffic exchange, SAMAND® has become a driving force in the global telecommunications industry. the company is led by a world-class management team. Together, the people of SAMAND®have made the company one of the telecommunications industries most productive and efficient.

   Deeply committed to providing carriers high levels of quality, service, and commercial value,
SAMAND® has its headquarters in Tehran, Iran. SAMAND®'s global VoIP network, SAMAND®, has connections with carriers in over 175 countries and major facilities in four global telecom hub locations. SAMAND®has been a leader in network interoperability throughout, working closely with Cisco and other infrastructure equipment and software leaders. SAMAND® is the world's largest Cisco Powered Voice Network.

SAMAND® began as an entrepreneurial-driven "start up" in 2001. With no net debt and a strong cash position, SAMAND® is able to continue to invest in new opportunities in the telecommunications industry, while traditional carriers struggle to improve their balance sheets and adopt new technologies.


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