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Founded in 2001, SAMAND is one of the largest carriers of international traffic in Middle East. The company sells wholesale long distance voice services that are carried over the company's own global VoIP network.

   SAMAND exchanges voice traffic with winning carriers and service providers on the planet, providing reliable, rapid and scalable revenue streams from global traffic to terminating carriers with low cost, high quality call completion for global traffic from originating carriers. SAMAND has the ability to function as a traditional local/long distance telephone company as well as a cutting-edge VoIP carrier through ownership of our own switching facilities and fiber network. We currently originate, transport, and terminate four billion domestic and international minutes annually. We operate our own dedicated network, connecting several switches located throughout the United States. In addition, SAMAND runs OC3's through OC48 interconnections to RBOCs. The SAMAND VoIP network is fully redundant. We are interconnected via three tier one IP

backbone providers. VoIP is managed utilizing two separate platforms in conjunction with the resources of at least three international carriers at all times, insuring call completion and quality of service. SAMAND stands behind the product we deliver, redundancy, back up and overflow are automatic.


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